How Expensive Are Internally Flawless Diamonds?

Diamond pricing increases in accordance to rarity and demand. So how much more expensive are D IF diamonds when compared to other diamonds. Read more...

Learn The Basics First
(but don't stop there!)

A diamond's value is based on over a dozen factors. The primary factors which determine the value of a diamond are known as the Four Cs: Cut; Color; Clarity; and Carat. If you want to avoid disappointment when choosing a diamond, knowledge of the Four Cs is crucial.

Everyone wants the best diamond at the best price. Those who succeed in this search are those who find an exceptional jeweler.

It is equally important to gain a good understanding of diamond terminology. is aimed at helping you with both aims in mind.

Blend Of Beauty:
Art and Nature

Diamonds make the perfect gift of value. Not only are they rare but the final product is arrived at after a high level of human skill has been applied.

Once perfected by a cutter who attends to the most minute details a diamond represents both rare natural beauty and the remarkable craft of the artist's skill and ingenuity.

Certain types of diamonds command higher prices due to their scarcity.

As mentioned in our tutorial on the 4Cs a completely colorless diamond commands a much higher price than a faintly colored diamond where all other attributes are equal.

Vividly colored diamonds are even more highly prized than colorless diamonds.

And of course the bigger the diamond the higher the price. Usually. The price is based on a combination of all its other attributes as well.

Diamonds hold a special place in modern day culture.

This website is dedicated to the appreciation of diamonds and their special role in people's lives.

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